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How to Make a Crinkle Paper Baby Toy

Crinkle Paper, Crinkle Fabric, Crinkle Material Baby Toy

Crinkle Fabric Baby Toy

Step 1-

Cut two 8 inches by 8 inches of fabric. I like to use Cloud 9 organic fabric or my favorite fabric from spoonflower. These will form the front and back of the toy.

Step 2-

Cut one 8 in x 8 in of crinkle fabric. You could purchase this here at You Enjoy My Goods. Be sure your crinkle fabric is certified and safe for baby toys.

Step 3-

Align the edges of the two pieces of fabric with the crinkle fabric in the middle so that they can be sewn together properly

Check out finished crinkle paper toy a You Enjoy My Goods.

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