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Free Teething Ring Toy Pattern with Crinkle Fabric


  • Terry Cloth

  • Crinkle Fabric (found here or here) at You Enjoy My Goods

  • Organic Cotton (my favorite is from cloud9

  • 1 wooden teething ring (found here)

Step 1-First Download the pattern template HERE

Step 2- Fold terry cloth in half and place the template on terry cloth. The smaller part of the template should be right at the fold.

Step 3- Repeat Step 2 with Cotton material

Step 4- Repeat Step 2 with crinkle fabric material.

Step 5-Now that you have your pattern pieces you re ready to put them together. Place the Terry cloth fabric and cotton fabric together, along with the crinkle fabric. You will be sewing them inside out.

Step 6-Place the crinkle fabric on top of the terry cloth and pin together.

Step 7-Join the three pieces by sewing right around the edge. Leave a small gap for turning the pieces right side up. I like to leave the gap right at the straight part of the pattern . I always use a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Step 8-Almost there! Turn fabric to the right side.

Step 9-Top-stitch right around the edge of the fabric.

Step 9-Fold your fabric in half and put the looped end half way through the wooden ring.

Step 10-Congrats you have yourself a teething ring!

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