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Women's Fishman Donut Mumu Dress

Women's Fishman Donut Mumu Dress

Phish phans will recognize this funky, Fishman Donut pattern!  Inspired by the eclectic band Phish, this custom designed textile is our most popular item.  

These are custom and can come in multiple fabric types and modified for men and women. This dress is offered in two different sizes of donuts, 5 inch or 1 inch donuts. If you do not specify size we can choose for you. 

Please add fabric type in notes and send measurements of bust and your measurements from armpit to where you want dress to hang by knees. If you don’t choose a donut siz,  will choose for you.  

This dress is made of three to four whole yards of Fishman donut fabric.  It is very similar to John’s mumu but made with soft and stretchy fabric.  

Sizes Range from XS  to XXL

Please note: 
Please send me your height and bust measurements if the dress is for a perfect fit. I also need the length from under arm pit to length of mumu at knees.